Indie Books International Titles

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7 Dumb Things We All Say
A Grizzly Tale
Always Forward!
Always Be Looking For Stars
Bad Behavior, People Problems, and Sticky Situations
Battling and Beating the Demons of Dental Assisting
Becoming the New Boss
Behind the Dental Chair
Build Your Consulting Practice
Boost Your GrowthDNA
Build Your Consulting Practice
Build Like The Big Primes
Build Your Consulting Practice
CEO Point Blank
Change Pain to Gain
Client Attraction Chain Reaction
College to Career Journal
Connections Change Everything
Cracking the IT Code
Cracking the Start-Up Code
Creating the High Performance Work Place
Creative Success Now
Dare To Be Influential
Defining You
Dental Image Branding
Disorderly Conduct
Doing Business with Ease Overseas
Doing Business with Ease Overseas
Enjoy the Ride
Fall in Love with Monday Mornings
Family Business Abundance
Fix Frustrations at Work
Focus Forward Leadership
Focused, Fast & Flexible
Get Out The Door
Getting off the Treadmill
Growing Rainmakers
Home that Cook
How I Fired My Boss & Made More Money
It's Not Magic
Land and Expand
Leadership Lessons From The Pub
Leadership Tough Love
Learning BPMN 2.0
Lifelong Loyal Clients
Make or Break Conversations
Making Meetings Matter
Marketing with a Book
Mastering Cultural Differences
Mastering Your Balance
Mission-Critical Leadership
More Than A Treatment
Never Settle
Orgasmic Leadership
Our Fear Never Sleeps
Outsmarting Crazytown
Our Fear Never Sleeps
Owning Tomorrow
Persuade with a Story!
Persuade with a Digital Content Story!
Persuade with a Story!
Poised for Exit
Po-Ling Power
Reaching Your Next Summit
Reinventing Ralph
Retirement Thought Leaders
Rock Star Dental Assistant
Secrets of Franchise Success
Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word
Selling at 90 Below Zero
Sharpening Your Point
Smooth Selling Forever
Stop Global Boring
Storytelling for the Defense
Take Your Shot
Taming the Compensation Monster
The Agile-Minded Executive
The Aloha Money Machine
The Chutzpah Advantage
The Connection Challenge
The DAMN Plan
The Hot Sauce Principle
The Integrative Leader
The NEW Comedy Bible
The Penguin Principle
The Politics of Crisis
The Priority Sale
The Road to Happiness
The Threat Switch
They're Managers - Now What?
Thriving in a Stakeholder World
Tough Cookies Don't Crumble
Unleashing Influence
Why Can't I Hire Good People?
Why Can't I Hire Good People?
Winning the Website War
Women of a Certain Age
Your Hidden Game