Facing The Seduction Of Success

Jodi Katz with Jan Michell

Lead In Business While Living Your Life


Business leaders are constantly faced with the dilemma of how to embrace the work they love while keeping it from eclipsing the other parts of their lives. It is easy to get sucked into feeding work’s end-less hunger. Work is infinite. Work is unforgiving. It is also exciting and joyful. And that’s what makes it so seductive. The challenge is to give ourselves fully to our work, which is necessary for success, without getting drained by work’s immense neediness.

In Facing the Seduction of Success, you will learn poignant insights from conversations on how beauty industry leaders strike that balance. Or valiantly try. If you are serious about the balance of success and its pursuit – and enjoy a spot of humor and authentic emotion along the way – then this is the book for you!

Jodi Katz

Jodi Katz is the host of the long-running podcast, Where Brains Meet Beauty. She has been a respected voice in the beauty and wellness industry for almost twenty years,fifteen of them as founder and creative director of Base Beauty Creative Agency, based in New York City.

Jan Michell

Jan Michell is a seasoned New York City writer with over twenty-five years of experience creating compelling copy for an impressive clientele. Her portfolio ranges from tiny startups to Fortune 500s, from fashion to food to pharma, and, of course, beauty.

Praise for Facing the Seduction of Success

“Inspiring, emotional, funny and personal…Jodi successfully captures the stories of so many well-known entrepreneurs and executives and is able to share the story unexpected and untold. A great resource to anyone looking to examine their own goals and pursuit of success through a new lens, Facing the Seduction of Success is a must read!”

Dr. Muneeb Shah

Skincare Educator and Founder of Doctorly

Facing the Seduction of Success is a true gem! Jodi and her guests share stories that make you feel less alone in your own career journey, whether you’re just starting out or a vet in the game.”

Essence Gant

Content Creator

“Many times, we are driven to try and find joy in a soul-less career instead of working on our soul so that we can be truly happy at work (and everywhere else!). I’m glad that Facing the Seduction of Success shares the author’s trek to the joy we are all seeking, with good-humored anecdotes that remind us that success can be a seductive pitfall. May every reader learn to really live life.”

Adrienne Bankert

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist