A book is your #1 marketing tool

What is Indie Publishing?

Indie book publishing is really a hybrid between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Like indie films or indie music, the creator of the content owns the product and hires professionals to assist them to produce a quality product. Authors benefit from higher royalties and much lower author costs of books. Learn more about the differences between traditional publishing vs. indie publishing vs. self publishing here.

You Can Count On Us to Handle the Details

Indie Books is a business book publisher here to help you get your hardback, paperback, e-book and audio book out to your audience in a professional and timely manner. You can have books in hand in as little as 120-days.

Manuscript Preparation


Our editors will take your manuscript through all the steps to produce a book that will serve you well. This includes a final thorough copy edit for grammar, Chicago Manual of Style, spelling, and accuracy.


Book Design


Our graphic designers will work with you to create a professional, attractive, and eye-catching cover. We coordinate the layout and design of the book, working with you on choices like book size, paper choice, font, and special requirements like charts and graphs.



We handle print on demand logistics that allow your book to be sold on Amazon.com and other online retailers, plus be available for order in bookstores. We will also coordinate the conversion of your book into an e-book and distribute it to over a dozen e-book retailers.

Storytelling Made Easy - Michael Hauge
Stop Global Boring - Kathy McAfee
Reignite - Margaret Reynolds
Smooth Selling Forever - Craig Lowder

What is it Like to Work With Indie Books International?


Our expert team of writers and editors provide planning, editing, and writing services.


Our editors will take your manuscript through all the steps to produce a book that will serve you well.


You can turn to us to shine a spotlight on your book with websites, social media, video, article placements, and PR.