There is a book inside of you just waiting to get out


Turning business expertise into a best-selling business book is not an easy task and not something that should be attempted alone. Put us on your team.

Indie Books International Process Overview


Consultants choose Indie Books International because of the added value of our marketing strategy and support. We have a proven track record of working with consultants to attract more high-paying clients by marketing with a book and speech.

Our competitive advantage over other indie book publishers is that we bake the marketing into the book process, rather than offering it as an add-in when the book is finished.

In fact, one of our favorite mottoes is: “The book is the starting line, not the finish line.” Our focus in working with consultants is what happens as a result of the book, and we help our authors get there with ongoing coaching and training sessions in consultant marketing and business development.

#1 - Typical Challenges


Not enough awareness

Not enough credibility

Not enough speech bookings

Not enough prospects in pipeline

Not enough business revenue

#2 - Solution: Marketing with a Book


More buzz

More blogs

More books

More bookings, and

Path and plan for more business

  • Zero net sum investment when you sell 1,000 books
  • Experts with books can charge $5,000-$10,000 for speeches
  • 400% to 2,000% documented ROI for consultants

#3 - Why You Can Count on Us


Blogs: Henry has column on, website gets 1,000,000 daily website visitors

Buzz: Publicity campaigns for print, radio, TV with 1,000,000+ impressions

Bookings: Henry is in Vistage Intl speaker’s bureau speaking to 23,000 CEOS

Books: Ghostwriter, author, editor and coach for 300+ business books

#4 - Commitment/Next Steps



Six to nine months


  • Build-A-Book Platinum: Ghostwriting, publishing, and publicity package for $45,000
  • Build-a-Book Gold: Collaborative editor/coach, publishing, and publicity package for $16,500

Book Preparation

Our expert team of writers and editors provide planning, editing, and writing services.


Our editors will take your manuscript through all the steps to produce a book that will serve you well.


You can turn to us to shine a spotlight on your book with websites, social media, video, article placements, and PR.