Land and Expand

Patricia Watkins

6 Simple Strategies To Grow Your Company’s Top And Bottom Line


Delighted, loyal customers will buy more solutions, and more services from you. Land and EXPAND shows CXOs and sales executives within companies of all sizes how to increase their sales most effectively by using the proven strategies of the ‘Land and EXPAND Sales Framework.’ This book is packed full of research, real-life experiences, and tools that you can put into immediate use in your company. Implementing the strategies in the ‘Land and Expand Sales Framework’ is the fastest path to expanding your company’s top and bottom line.

Patricia Watkins

Patricia Watkins, is a sales growth expert, speaker, author, and Managing Partner of MORE SALES Advisors, an advisory group that works with companies who want to accelerate their sales results. Watkins has extensive experience as an SVP and VP of Sales, regionally, nationally, and globally, in both Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies, including HP, Teradata, AT&T, and NCR. Watkins has built and led sales organizations from $0 to over $800 million in annual sales and transformed several sales teams from worst to first.

Praise for Land And Expand

“Excellent book…The 6 battle tested strategies are based on a proven path to drive sales results.”

Dan Doster

Consultant, entrepreneur, and author of Relationships Matter

“Patricia Watkins delivers again! Another pragmatic blueprint for sustainable success…”

Mike Ruffolo

Chairman, Edgeware AB

“Land and Expand should be the focus and battle-cry of every organization wanting to achieve next-level success.”

Tom Webster

Chief Executive Officer, The TONE Knows, Inc.