Dare to be Influential

Lisa Rehurek

Have The Impact And Influence You’ve Always Wanted


Being influential gives you the freedom to drive change, lead a vision, and inspire others; all things we need in today’s world. If you are in a leadership role, if you want to be in a leadership role, or to be a leader in any way, being influential is part of the gig. The world is calling you. You do not need to be a celebrity to have impact and influence. But to be truly influential, you do need to discover your own genuine path. This book will introduce you to the six hidden secrets that will increase your level of positive influence. These secrets are built on the foundation of being true to yourself, and to guide you into building that influence from a place of sincerity.

Lisa Rehurek

Lisa Rehurek is an eight-time author, national speaker/trainer, podcast host, and million-dollar business builder who is passionate about inspiring others to be the drivers of positive influence. After a successful twenty-five-year career in corporate leadership positions, Lisa founded The RFP Success Company, where she and her team help businesses of all sizes win more business through Requests for Proposal (RFPs).

Praise for Dare to be Influential 

“We’re in the influence economy; it’s the most valuable currency there is today. And this book is the master class in how to actually get it.”

Angelique Rewers

CEO, The Corporate Agent

“This book does a great job of getting you to your vulnerable self which is key to unleashing your true inspirational leadership, the most genuine kind and who people want to follow.”

Heather Bailey

Senior Director, Worldwide Sales – Hotel Sales Optimization, BWH Hotel Group

“Rarely do you see a book capture the essence of how to be influential! Lisa R has done it. I dare you to read this book!”

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Primetime TV & Podcast Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy