Persuade With A Digital Content Story!

Lisa Apolinski & Henry DeVries

Human Brains Are Hardwired For Stories


Consumers are hungry for good digital content. Storytelling can persuade potential clients to connect with your brand on a human level, trust your brand promise, and become a repeat customer, even during uncertain economic times. That means happier clients and consistent revenue streams for organizations.

In this book you will discover the different types of stories that matter, along with a blueprint for developing short stories that can have an immediate impact on your marketing. If you want lessons on how to improve your persuasion power, with a dash of wry humor thrown in, then Persuade With a Digital Content Story! is the book for you.

Lisa Apolinski

Lisa Apolinski is the CEO of 3 Dog Write, a digital consulting agency. She works with businesses who want to accelerate revenue and take market share using digital means. In the last eight years, she has helped her clients create nearly $1 billion in revenue growth. Her book, Weathering The Digital Storm, is used by businesses globally to fortify their digital growth strategies in unpredictable times. Because of her thought leadership on digital engagement, she has been dubbed “America’s Digital Content Futurist.

Henry DeVries

Henry DeVries is the CEO of Indie Books International, a company that works with consultants and professionals who want to attract high-paying clients by marketing with a book and speech. He trains business leaders how to sell more services by persuading with a story. He is the author of twelve books on marketing, including How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett and Client Attraction Chain Reaction.

Praise for Persuade With A Digital Content Story!

Persuade with a Digital Content Story is a blueprint for modern marketing complete with a step by step formula for creating a compelling story. The authors masterfully explain why storytelling is a must, how to do it and results you can expect. A must read for the modern marketer.”

Bernie Borges

Host of The Modern Marketing Engine Podcast

“As someone who has written books on how to tell stories, I appreciate how Lisa Apolinski and Henry DeVries break down the different types of stories and how to use them to connect to others.”

Judy Carter

Author of "The Message of You" and "The New Comedy Bible"

“Effective digital content is at best a hit and miss proposition. In this book, Lisa Apolinski and Henry DeVries have taken the benefits of their experience with leading companies and startups alike to provide concise, memorable, and frequently funny stories. I strongly recommend this book to marketing experts or company executives who just want to understand this fast-changing world of digital marketing.”

David Urman

Consumer Products Executive