Modern Badass

Parissa Behnia

Tales from the Leadership Front


Have you ever been told that you are “too much”? Too disruptive, too bold, too brash?

Then you, my friend, may be a modern badass. This book will unlock the code to your success that will still allow you to be you while creating community, enrolling, and engaging others successfully.

Parissa Behnia

PARISSA BEHNIA coaches C-suite and senior leaders who are high-will, high-skill and have a growth mindset. With over twenty years of corporate, consulting, and coaching experience, she has taught entrepreneurship seminars and is a frequent speaker on strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship. She is a Certified Professional Coach and holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Praise for Modern Badass

“A-players attract A-players but what do you do when your A-player isn’t a team player? Disruption is the key to growth, but what do you do when a leader is disruptive? Modern Badass is the leadership playbook for managing top performers who don’t like being managed. It’s your guide to harnessing the power of your most challenging leaders to make a drastic impact to your bottom line.”

Rich Litvin

Founder of 4PC and bestselling author of "The Prosperous Coach"

“There’s never been a more profound moment in history to harness the transformational superpowers of what Parissa describes as the modern badass leader. I hope this love-letter-cum-leadership-manifesto inspires more bold, brilliant, disruptors to blaze much-needed trails toward a brighter future.”

Shelley Paxton

Chief Soul Officer, speaker, and bestselling author of "Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide to Finding Your Best Life"

Modern Badass is a love letter from one Modern Badass to the world. It’s a powerful book for the badasses themselves who will immediately feel seen, understood, respected, and challenged in ways they may never have before.”

Sarah C. Albritton

Leadership consultant and bestselling author of "I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just Not You"