More Than A Treatment

Dr. East Phillips

How to Create Exceptional Experiences That Increase Patient Satisfaction and Improve Treatment Outcomes


There really is a difference between merely delivering a treatment and providing your patients with an exceptional experience. If you want patients who are more than just satisfied—they are delighted, with improved treatment outcomes—or you want to build more wealth for yourself and maintain enthusiasm for what you do, then join Dr. East on a four-stop journey. Each stop will contain patient satisfaction secrets that you can incorporate into your practice to transform your treatments into exceptional experiences for your patients.

Dr. East Haradin-Phillips

East Haradin-Phillips, DAOM, L.Ac., is a doctor of East Asian Medicine and a professor at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego campus. With a commitment to helping others actualize their greatest potential and live life in their PJs (passions & joys), she continues to help patients, students, other practitioners, and the general public with her lectures, workshops, coaching, and well-being related products.

Praise for More Than A Treatment

“East has written an engaging guidebook for health practitioners that will remind them to give their patients the most positive experience possible. She updates what used to be called bedside manner and expands it to offer reminders about what I would call “Common Sense Compassion” that is so necessary in the healing arts. I recommend this book to everyone in the healthcare field!”

Lillian Pearl Bridges

Author of "Face Reading in Chinese Medicine"

“East’s book is based in experience and common sense. It is both practical and inspiring. If you apply just a few of the ideas in this book, it’ll repay the cost a hundred fold. If you do them all, the sky’s the limit.”

Jack Miller

President, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

“In this inspiring book, East gives us insight into what is missing in our current health care system. Her practical tips on creating healing environments, inside and out, give practitioners a roadmap to facilitate true healing and prevent burnout. Her model is not only beneficial for patients, but for the healers themselves. All practitioners should have this book, written by a gifted and experienced healer.”

Sheila Patel, MD

Medical Director of Mind Body Medical Group, Chopra Center Certified Instructor