Client Attraction Chain Reaction

Henry J. DeVries

The Proven Self-Sustaining Process to Attract High-Paying Clients 

Back in science class everyone learned that a chain reaction is a sequence of reactions that causes additional reactions to take place. A metaphor for a chain reaction is a rolling snowball causing a larger snowball until finally an avalanche. Chemically, the equivalent is a spark causing a blazing forest fire. Consultants who want to attract high-paying clients are looking for the secret of creating a client attraction chain reaction. The typical hype that works for retail products and low-cost services is not only a waste of time and money for consultants, it actually makes them less attractive to prospective clients. Based on a 20-year, $3 million client-attraction proprietary research study, this book elaborates on a proven process for business development with integrity and getting an up to 400 percent to 2000 percent return on your marketing investment.

Henry J. DeVries

HENRY DEVRIES, MBA is the CEO of Indie Books International, a company that works with independent consultants and coaches who want to attract high-paying clients by marketing with a book and speech. He is the author of ten books on marketing, including How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett and Persuade With a Story!

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