Marketing With A Book For Agency Owners

Henry J. DeVries



For three out of five agency owners, the number one pain is finding new clients. And not just any clients. You want right-fit clients. The surest path to gain credibility is to write the right book, and agency owners willing to write the right book have found it gives them more impact and influence with prospective clients. The secret ingredient is to conduct research that shows prospects how they compare to their peers. If you are serious about what you want to achieve—and enjoy a spot of humor along the way—then this book is for you.

Henry J. DeVries

HENRY DeVRIES, MBA, is a weekly columnist on agencies and marketing for, the cohost of the Agency Roundtable podcast, and CEO of Indie Books International. He is past president of two advertising agencies, including one he helped double billings and land it in the AdAge 500.


Praise for Marketing With A Book For Agency Owners

“I set myself apart from the competition and built a multimillion-dollar firm, and credit the books with help-
ing create $9 million in revenue.”

Tom Searcy

Agency owner of Hunt Big Sales and coauthor of Whale Hunting and How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett

“I have made more than $280,000 a year as an author, speaker, and consultant. For over twenty years I wanted
to write a book, but it was more of a wish than anything because I didn’t know where or how to start.”

Penny Reed

Marketing consultant and author of Growing Your Dental Business

“My book with Indie Books is a tremendous support to my digital agency and has helped us grow to over $2
million in annual revenues.”

Thomas Young

Agency owner of Intuitive Websites and author of Winning the Website War