Taming the Compensation Monster

Beth Carroll



The compensation beast can rear its ugly head in many ways. But generally, compensation problems for freight brokers come from the four employee “lacks:”

  1. Lack of urgency
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Lack of good decision-making
  4. Lack of alignment with company objectives

Taming the Compensation Monster helps transportation and logistics providers create a sense of urgency, inspire motivation, promote better decision-making, and provide rewards that align with company objectives.

Beth Carroll

Beth Carroll is a transportation and logistics compensation expert. She is a thought leader on future trends in variable pay programs for freight brokers, truck driver pay, sales compensation, and compensation as a motivational tool. She is the owner of Prosperio Group, a consulting firm which helps companies maximize profitability by clarifying business objectives, rationalizing organization structures and roles, and driving performance through effective compensation.

Praise for Taming the Compensation Monster

“Beth Carroll lives at the unique intersection of mathematics and psychology. More so than anyone I ever met, Beth understands what it takes for a freight brokerage to truly be successful. Furthermore, she knows how to design both a structure and a compensation plan and tailor it to the specific needs of each individual company. On top of that, and where her true genius lies, is that she can show you how to make the compensation and incentives truly align with and drive the right behaviors to meet the goals of each specific firm. This book is a must-read for any freight brokerage executive.”

Kevin Ball

President and CEO, BM2 Freight

“Beth is a breath of fresh air to this industry, providing a smart and systematic approach to compensation issues. Her plans have helped fuel many freight brokers that were struggling to provide the right compensation plans for growth.”

Joel McGinley

Managing Director, TranStrategy Partners, Inc.

“Beth’s industry knowledge is a massive differentiator. Before Beth we were willing to “try” different comp models hoping for the desired outcome. Beth was able to design incentive plans that actually produced the intended results without the unintended consequences.”

David Frizzell

President and CEO, Blue Ribbon Transport