Marketing With A Book

Henry DeVries

The Secrets of How to Persuade With a Story


In Marketing With a Book you will learn savvy storytelling strategies for your books and speeches to position yourself above your competition. Writing and publishing strategies are clearly outlined and provide a road map to success. If you are serious about what you want to achieve—and enjoy a spot of humor along the way—then this is the book for you.

Henry DeVries

Henry DeVries, MBA is an expert on typing and talking: how consultants and coaches can maximize revenues by writing books and giving speeches. He is the co-founder and CEO of Indie Books International and has served as an editor, ghostwriter, or credited co-author of more than 150 business books. He is also a professional speaker on the topic of “Persuading With a Story,” and teaches marketing and is the former assistant dean for continuing education at the University of California, San Diego. The founder of the New Client Marketing Institute, he speaks to thousands of consultants and coaches each year, teaching them successful tactics that bring them new clients.

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