Outsmarting Crazytown

Brenda Abdilla

A Business Novel About How Derailed Professionals Can Get Back On Track


Meet Mike. Mike is a great guy who has a wife and young family in Spokane. He is the senior manager of IT for a small software company that has recently been purchased, and as a result, Mike’s life is about to change dramatically. Some alarming stuff happens at work that throws Mike into a bit of tailspin. All this change happens at a time when Mike is already questioning his choices and his future. He turned forty last year and is wondering about his career, what is meaningful to him, and why this unsettled feeling is growing inside.

Lucky for Mike, he finds a mentor who agrees to help him navigate this critical time in his career. His mentor takes Mike through some useful processes to clarify his thinking and his career direction. Mike’s mentor teaches him that he needs to work in four major “buckets,” and that doing so will pay off for the rest of his career by helping him navigate, or outsmart, nearly any kind of Crazytown that comes his way.

Brenda Abdilla

BRENDA ABDILLA, PCC is a sought-after career and leadership coach. Brenda works with corpo- rate leaders who want more effec- tive strategies for team account- ability and change management, and with professionals who are navigating a change in their high-level careers. More than 90% of Brenda’s coaching clients get promoted, land the role they desire, or address their core issues within twelve-months of engaging Brenda. 


Praise for Outsmarting Crazy Town

“Solid, real-life benefit told through an enthralling story that applies to any businessperson. Well written with characters we have all encountered. Certainly, a must-read business book.”

Rob Humbach

VP Sales, The Americas, Precisely

“With chapter titles like ‘Limbo Land, Sleepless in Spokane, and Going to the Ugly,’ what’s not to like about Brenda Abdilla’s new book? But wait, there’s more. Her wit, warmth, and wisdom keep the pages turning in this delightful, insightful parable. Think ‘The Alchemist’ for careers. If your job is not what you want it to be, read this and reap.”

Sam Horn

CEO of The Intrigue Agency, Author of Someday is Not a Day a Day of the Week

“A fast, inspiring read filled with ‘works in real life’ ideas I’d never heard of. I finished the book armed with strategies for outsmarting crazytown and felt sane again. Ah, such relief.”

Mary LoVerde

Work Life Balance Expert, Author of Stop Screaming at the Microwave!