Coveralls & Tell-Alls

Sheila Webb Pierson

From the Barn to the Boardroom


After years working in the corporate world, Sheila Pierson realized that she had learned the best model for being an influential leader by watching her father on their family farm. Through her stories, you will learn to follow these same principles and build your legacy.


  1. Be proud of where you come from
  2. Laugh at yourself
  3. Admit your mistakes
  4. Serve others
  5. Communicate
  6. Live with purpose and passion

Sheila Webb Pierson

Sheila Pierson has a fifteen-year accomplished track record of coaching for success, as well as inspiring others to lead teams through chaos into achieving remarkable results. She grew up in northwest Arkansas and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Business and a Master of Science degree in Agriculture Economics from the great hog nation, a.k.a. the University of Arkansas.

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Praise for Coveralls & Tell-Alls

“Learning that cows don’t smile might have been enough for me, but Coveralls and Tell-Alls confirms for me what I, as an experienced HR and training professional, have always suspected—farm kids learn early what some of us take a lifetime to master. Sheila Webb Pierson uses her well-honed storytelling skills to draw the reader into each and every one of her lessons learned, and in the end, we can’t help but understand, as she does, the legacy of true influence.”

Judith Tavano

M.A., LERN-CPP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Adjunct Instructor, University of Arkansas Global Campus

“I’ve never read a more authentic and vulnerable book on leadership. If you want to hear a unique angle on leadership and get lost in some funny stories that give context to a compelling premise, Coveralls and Tell-Alls is for you. You’ll find yourself laughing and learning as you read every chapter.”

Mike Thompson


“In Coveralls and Tell-Alls, Sheila Webb Pierson delivers a delightful series of stories from the farm that reveal high-impact leadership lessons. Her storytelling is engaging, light, and fun, creating a rapid-read book with real-life application. Take a trip to her farm for lessons you can take anywhere.”

Lee J. Colan

PhD, Author of "Leadership Matters"