Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word

Russell Trahan

Get Your Expertise in Front of Your Target Market


When your expertise—in the form of an article—is in print or online, readers can save the magazines, tear out the page, bookmark the URL, download a copy, or e-mail a link to a friend. This gives them the ability to react to your message the next week, the next month, or even the next year. Studies have shown that business owners, executives, entrepreneurs, and C-suite level decision makers read their industry publications and association magazines cover-to-cover every month—more often than they read an entire edition of The Wall Street Journal or an entire issue of Entrepreneur. To sell yourself without saying a word you need the third-party credibility of your content in print and online; this book shows you the proven ways to make it happen.

Russell Trahan

RUSSELL TRAHAN is the owner and president of PR/PR Public Relations. PR/PR is a full-service boutique publicity agency specializing in professional speakers, consultants, and nonfiction authors. Since its founding in the late 1990s, PR/PR Public Relations has enjoyed a sterling track record of getting articles placed for 100 percent of its clients.

Praise for Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word

“Russell Trahan brings you an easy-to-use reference guide to getting articles placed to generate more business. With these insider secrets, your articles will get in front of the decision makers. Keep this book close by, so you can reference it again and again.”

Elizabeth McCormick

Former US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot at, and motivational speaker

“Getting your articles published can be a game changer. Not only does it position you as a thought leader, but it can pay dividends beyond that by profoundly impacting your website search engine optimization. Implementing Russell’s strategy has exploded opportunities for me and my business.”

Jill J. Johnson, MBA

President & Founder, Johnson Consulting Services

“Russell’s approach works. This is the best value I’ve ever gotten in PR.”

Evan Hackel

CEO, Tortal Training and Ingage Consulting