The Road to Happiness

David Goldman

Get What You Really Want 

People are searching for happiness, but what is that? Is it success? Achievement? Hitting your goals? Is it a feeling? 

In over thirty years of coaching, David Goldman has found that what his clients thought they wanted most wasn’t always the thing that truly made them happy. Along the way, each one found something they wanted that was even more valuable. They found the key that unlocks the vault which contains their ultimate desire. Through the stories and tips in this book you too can find a key that helps to unlock your vault of happiness. 

David Goldman

DAVID GOLDMAN elevates and accelerates results for professionals, business owners, and executives. Since 1989, he has coached hundreds and spoken to thousands of people on how to produce outrageous results and have more balance and fulfillment in life. 

Praise for The Road To Happiness

“David Goldman is a no-nonsense, results-driven coach who can get you to the next level in your career and in your life. If you are looking for greater results or simply want to be happier, read this book.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach for ten years and New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“In your hands you hold a treasure chest of wisdom, insight, principles, and ideas that can take you from where you are today to a place you have always wanted to go.” 

Mark LeBlanc

CSP, author of Growing Your Business and Defining YOU

“David Goldman works with people who want to be their personal best and take action to get the results they want. With this book you benefit from his decades of advice and wisdom. The Road to Happiness is full of practical advice with is very enjoyable to read.” 

Patricia Fripp

CSP, CPAE, past president, National Speakers Association