OCEANSIDE, Calif., June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In these uncertain times, there is something that every business needs: more clients.

“Many business rainmakers who want to attract high-paying clients are looking for the secrets of creating a client attraction chain reaction,” says Henry DeVries, author of the new book Client Attraction Chain Reaction: The Proven Self-Sustaining Process To Attract High-Paying Clients (2020, www.indiebooksintl.com.)

Henry DeVries
Henry DeVries

“A metaphor for a chain reaction is a rolling snowball causing a larger snowball until finally an avalanche,” says DeVries. “Chemically, the equivalent is a spark causing a blazing forest fire.”

Back in science class everyone learned that a chain reaction is a sequence of reactions that causes additional reactions to take place. In nuclear physics, what happens to a single neutron can result in a nuclear explosion. When the Atomic Age began on the afternoon of December 2, 1942 under the bleachers at the University of Chicago, that  was a game changer for science.

“This book reveals the secrets of influential rainmakers,” says DeVries. “These influential rainmakers in professional services and consulting know that the typical hype that works for retail products and low-cost services is not only a waste of time and money for professional service firms, it actually makes them less attractive to prospective clients.”

DeVries is CEO of Indie Books International and is author or editor of more than 300 non-fiction books. He is the former president of an Ad Age 500 advertising agency and was assistant dean for continuing education at the University of California San Diego.

To improve business development, DeVries encourages rainmakers to take a cue from Hollywood and use stories that communicate on an emotional level to attract prospects, close more sales and cement client relationships. DeVries leads business development retreats for professional service firms based on neuroscience.

“Discoveries in neuroscience prove decision-making is largely emotional, not logical,” says DeVries. “I teach rainmakers how to uncover their hero stories that communicate trustworthiness in two minutes or less and prove that they know how to take clients from problems to solutions.”

The book’s advice is ideal for professional service firms in advertising, accounting, architecture, custom software, engineering, financial planning, HR, law, management consulting, marketing, public relations, sales training, technology integration, wealth management and web design.

Based on a 20-year, $3 million client-attraction proprietary research study, this book elaborates on a proven process for business development with integrity that produces an up to 400 percent to 2000 percent return on a marketing investment. To attract new clients, the best business development approach for consultants and professionals is to demonstrate expertise by sharing valuable information through written and spoken storytelling.

“These are emotional times and in order to become more influential you need to be a storyteller,” says DeVries. “This I believe in my heart of hearts about rainmaking: the number one marketing tool is a book and the number one marketing strategy is a speech.”

DeVries says there is a hidden asset that will set a business apart and trigger the chain reaction, something no one else can offer: the defining story of your business.

“A business leader without a book and a speech is like a movie theater without a marquee,” says DeVries.

Research shows independent consultants and professionals can fill a pipeline with qualified prospects in as little as thirty days by offering advice to prospects on how to overcome their most pressing problems. The book shares literally hundreds of strategies and tactics.

“When writing my best-seller How To Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett, I discovered how Buffett uses stories to persuade, gain positive media coverage, and build a world-famous personal brand,” said DeVries. “In my weekly column on business development for forbes.com, I see how most professionals and consultants talk about their work in the same drab way. You can’t bore prospects into buying.”

DeVries says the twin objectives of the client attraction chain reaction approach is to transform ho-hum meetings to blockbuster presentations and turn prospects into lifelong business relationships.

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