RALEIGH, NC, October 19, 2022 / PR Newswire / When it comes to predictable marketing, the operating system is the solution. The right marketing operating system can create sustainable and predictable marketing growth.

That’s the advice of marketing execution expert Clare Price, author of the book Smart Marketing Execution: How To Accelerate Profitability, Performance and Productivity (2022, Indie Books International).

How do you turn a $1 million company into a $10 million one? Or into a $100 million or even a $1 billion company? The answer: Smart execution. Smart execution enables a corporation to achieve its vision, plans, and goals.

Smart marketing execution is the secret sauce of Octain Growth System, a marketing operating system that reduces costs and improves business performance, while laying a foundation for sustainable business operations. This book is your road map to implementing the Octain Growth System, so you can achieve clarity, confidence and control of all your marketing functions.

Price developed the Octain Growth System (OGS) to enable organizations to replace time and money-wasting hit and miss marketing activities with a proven, turnkey marketing operating system that drives sustain-able business success through improving marketing team performance and productivity.

“When a business owner wants to scale they need to put in systems to enable that level of growth. Most business builders know they need to systemize financial operations and their back-end business operations, but when it comes to marketing they are still stuck in an endless cycle of trial and error. That’s because a real marketing operating system didn’t exist for small business until now,” says Price.

The three keys to developing a marketing operating system with OGS are strategy, smart execution and automation.

Strategy. Your marketing strategy consists of a blueprint for growth for the six area that drive revenue growth: increasing the power of your brand, acquiring high value customers, presenting a clear and compelling message of business value, developing a market expansion plan, aligning marketing and sales to support sales success and investing in new products and services.

Smart Execution. What makes execution “smart”? Put simply, it means examining and evaluating the alternatives via a proven process before acting, so you know the path you are on is the right one for your project, program, and team. It means improving performance and reducing risk by avoiding the trap of following the latest marketing fad or chasing shinny objects.

Automation. Technology is available today to assist businesses in every industry to bring all or part of their operations to the cloud. Now is the time to bring your marketing to the cloud. Key areas for automation for growing companies are appointment booking, proposal software, email marketing, content marketing, customer relationship marketing (CRM), social media and customer service support.

Prior to launching Octain Growth Systems, Price was a research director for Gartner’s Internet Strategies Service. She also served as vice president of research for Demand Metric, a strategic marketing advisory service, where she led the research analysis team into cloud computing applications for marketing automation, social platforms, CPQ software, sales enablement, and cloud knowledge management.

Price is the author of five marketing playbooks and the cyberthriller, Web of Betrayal. Her 2020 book, Make Remote Work, is a resource guide for achieving growth in the remote economy by effectively man- aging people, processes, and product development and distribution.

Price has been a featured speaker for the American Marketing Association, Vistage International, the California Society of Association Executives, Women in Technology International (WITI), eWomenNetwork and the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.