MIDLAND, Texas, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — “Organizations need leaders to reach their potential. A motivated individual is a great thing because a motivated individual will always outperform their peers. But an organization full of highly-motivated people who aren’t on the same page is a disaster.”

That’s the idea at the core of entrepreneurial business expert Aron Marquez’ new book, Never Settle: Leading With A Daring Vision, Plan And Winning Mindset (2020, Indie Books International)

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“Some will debate whether leaders are born or made. I firmly believe they are made,” says Marquez. “Leadership is demonstrated through action, and a lack of leadership is frequently manifested by a lack of action. You cannot let your title serve as an excuse for not leading, nor can you allow your title to become a substitute for your ability to lead.”

Marquez is a multi-industry entrepreneur. His first business was a lawn mowing service that he started with a friend. Today he is the CEO of Wildcat Oil Tools, an international oilfield service company, and has started Flecha Azul Tequila, a top-shelf tequila company, and Black Quail Apparel, an active wear apparel company.

In the book Marquez uses his experience building his company from a three- person team to an international success to illustrate his visionary leadership approach to running a business. The book discusses the importance of building a team to support your company’s Vision, as well as how to develop the right Mindset and Plan of action to pursue loftier goals for your future.

“You have to be relentless in the pursuit of your dream; you must be willing to learn continually— especially from failure. You can’t allow wishful thinking to substitute for hard work or anything else; and you must always be cognizant of your team and its needs.”

“There’s absolutely nothing like successfully building a business,” remarks Marquez. “The day you become an employer will be one of the scariest days of your life, but it will also be one of the most rewarding days of your life.”

A successful company relies on a great team. Here’s some of the advice Marquez’ has for building a successful organization.

Hire People Who Share Your Vision: If you have big plans for your business, everyone who works for you should not only know those plans, but believe in them!

Hire People Who Will Be Honest When It Matters: As Marquez says, “I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have a bad idea occasionally. Lord knows that I’ve had a few. If I’m considering doing something stupid, I need to know it.”

Take Your Time To Find The Truly Right Hire: Resist the urge to hire the best person available right now, and focus on finding the best. Conduct interviews with your company vision as the main topic.

Lack of Experience Is Not a Dealbreaker: Someone needs to take a chance on the next generation, the next great genius is out there! Hiring someone who is green but matches your vision can be a risk, but the rewards are many.

Culture Fit Is As Important as Competency: Hiring the most qualified person doesn’t mean anything if they can’t work with your team. Carefully consider culture dynamics and save yourself headaches down the road.

Your Company is Growing and Changing, So Must Your Team: As your company grows, the needs for your team will change. Recognizing these needs early will make it easier to assign new roles as they’re needed.

You’re Going to Have to Fire Someone: It’s the worst part of the job, and it never gets easy, but it’s necessary sometimes, and recognizing when it’s time will save a lot of future pain.

In addition to a great vision for your company, Marquez’ book touches on how to turn that vision into a plan, and most importantly how to develop a companywide discipline to enact that plan. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, the book offers advice that can help any group achieve success.

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