The Aloha Money Machine

Corey “Murf” Murphy

Learn From The Past, Live In The Present, Focus On The End


Anyone can start a business. The trick is growing one that you can sell, if you choose to. Growing a business into a money machine could mean a comfortable retirement or becoming rich. Having a clear vision of where you are and where you want to go will give you clarity on how you run your business and ultimately how you live your life.

The Aloha Money Machine is inspired by the story of one man who achieved success repeatedly in Hawaii. Following the steps of the Aloha Money Machine will put you on the path to financial freedom.

Corey “Murf” Murphy

COREY “MURF” MURPHY was born and raised in Hawaii and is a small business success story. He has owned and operated seven different businesses in his lifetime, including manufacturing, service, wholesale, online, import, retail, and real estate businesses. Since successfully selling his service business and becoming financially free at thirty-one years old he has had a passion to teach others his formula called the Aloha Money Machine. As a professional speaker, he speaks on growing businesses for profit, sales, real estate investing, and growing businesses to sell. [email protected]

Praise for The Aloha Money Machine

“Read this inspiring, advice-filled book to discover how you can leverage your business into a money-making machine. Mahalo, Murf Murphy.”

Lisa Apolinsk

author of Weathering the Digital Storm, Vistage Worldwide

“Doing things just to make money is not business building and definitely not creating a money-making machine. Murf gets it right when he lays out what is wrong with lots of good small businesses and then teaches how to fix it.”

Tom Searcy

co-author of Whale Hunting and How To Close A Deal Like Warren Buffett

“Murf Murphy’s The Aloha Money Machine creates an excellent road map for transitioning a small business into an enterprise that has value in the marketplace.”

Randy Yost

author of The Threat Switch, Hillard Heintze, US Secret Service (Ret.)