Creative Success Now

Astrid Baumgardner, JD

Career Secrets For Creatives


Creativity is a highly valued skill set that drives a significant portion of the global economy. It does not depend on a random stroke of genius, but instead on inspired hard work that creatives dive into, fueled by a sense of purpose and meaning with the potential for wellbeing and happiness—and a job that pays.

This book lays out a three-part Creative Success Now Methodology consisting of the mindset, authenticity set, and skill sets that can empower you to pursue the creative life—both for your personal journey toward success and because the world needs your ideas. Ultimately, this book will help you to solve the many problems you encounter as a creative person so that you can live as a successful creative in the twenty-first century.

Astrid Baumgardner, JD

Astrid Baumgardner, JD, PCC, brings her experience as a career and executive coach, lawyer, nonprofit executive and consultant, and music board chair to inspire and empower musicians, arts leaders, lawyers, and creative professionals to achieve creative success. A leading voice in arts entrepreneurship, she is on the faculty of the Yale School of Music, where she teaches career entrepreneurship and heads the Office of Career Strategies.

Praise for Creative Success Now

“If you are a creative person who is procrastinating, the one thing you want to do is to read Astrid Baumgardner’s book, Creative Success Now. Don’t do it later! Read it now to manifest your creative projects.”

Judy Carter

bestselling author of The Comedy Bible and The Message of You

“Astrid Baumgardner’s Creative Success Now is equally inspirational and practical, and responds directly to the needs of artists and arts leaders—and everyone who seeks a deep personal connection to their life’s work. Baumgardner offers a practical guide to discovering professional fulfillment with clear steps for identifying the motivating passions and core values that lead to success. Her enthusiasm for the process leaps off every page!”

Marc A. Scorca

president/CEO, Opera America

“Astrid Baumgardner brings to life the value of creativity in life and work, weaving her deep experience with scholarly research and teaching expertise to transform the approaches to take to unlock deep creativity.”

Amy Wrzesniewski

Michael H. Jordan Professor of Management, Yale School of Management