Always Be Looking For Stars

Jerry Phillips

A Little Story About How To Get BIG Hiring Results

People are the lifeblood of a company. Without a clear process for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and development of the team, finding the right talent is difficult and limits your growth potential. This book is a fable to illustrate the need to always be looking for rock stars and have a process to attract and hire the right people for the role.

Jerry Phillips

JERRY PHILLIPS is the president of NineRuns. For more than fourteen years he has been helping companies optimize and maximize the performance of their sales and marketing teams, shorten sales cycles, and increase close rates. He is a recognized content expert in strategy, people performance, sales process, coaching, and defining and leveraging differentiators.

Praise for Always Be Looking For Stars

“This story takes the complex process of recruiting and breaks it down into logical steps that will reduce risk and increase results. If you are looking to secure top talent, take the time to read this book before starting your journey.”

Tom DeBolt

General Manager, Benelli USA

“I highly recommend this book to all professionals that are looking to build high performing teams. Jerry Phillips in this book demonstrates how having the right plan and process is instrumental in hiring ‘Rock Stars.’”

Vince Cipresso

Vice President and General Manager, ITW Global Brands, an Illinois Tool Works Company

“Most of us fully recognize that great people are the #1 key to success in any business. This book lays out clearly and concisely how to identify and land the topflight people you need in your company.”

T. Tracy Bilbrough

CEO, IPS Corp.