Across the Lens

Patrick McGowan

How Your Zoom Presence Will Make or Break Your Success


Video is how we do business and how you show up says a lot about you. You can be just as influential on camera as you are in person. But nothing about being present is automatic, especially on screen. Learn how professionals like yourself have adopted video and achieved real success. See what it means to create more connection and engagement across the lens. And discover what it takes to prepare, position, and punch up your professional video presence to have more confidence and credibility.

Patrick McGowan, MBA

In 2020, Patrick McGowan founded Punchn, a creative consultancy, to solve the mystery behind what it means for business professionals to show up on camera with power, presence, and credibility. As a speaker and coach, he advises executives on how to use filmmaking, innovation, and change leadership to address complex business challenges.


Praise for Across the Lens

“Patrick McGowan’s book gives you key expert tips to not only be comfortable on
video, but to leverage its power. is book is a must-read if you want to survive and
thrive in the new video environment of today.”

Lisa Apolinski

America's Digital Content Futurist, Author of "Persuade with a Digital Content Story"

“In a world that has turned upside down, your ability to click on a link and show
up as your best-self, Across the Lens will immediately set you apart from your
competition. In your hands you hold the de nitive guide on how to look better, feel
at ease, and be more present in a conversation, team meeting, or presentation.”

Mark LeBlanc

CSP, Author of "Never be the Same" and "Growing your Business!"

“Because of Patrick and this book, we know how to maximize the huge amount of time we spend on video calls.”

Tom Searcy

Agency owner of Hunt Big Sales, Coauthor of "Whale Hunting" and "How to Close a Deal like Warren Buffett"