What is the Biggest Mistake Consultant and Coach Authors Make?

By Henry DeVries, CEO of Indie Books Intl.

The biggest mistake that consultant and coach authors make is they think publishing the book is the finish line. But the book is just the starting line. Getting the book written and published is the easy part (and it ain’t easy).

Remember, books don’t promote authors. Authors promote books. When consultants and coaches promote their books, they are really promoting their consulting practices. Here is a quick checklist of twenty-five marketing items to consider. Create the book with the end in mind.

  • Testimonial blurbs for book back cover from famous people or companies
  • Foreword for book written by well-known person
  • Website with PDF of table of contents and chapter one of book
  • Blogsite that you post weekly blogs from book
  • Twitter linked to blogsite
  • Facebook linked to blogsite
  • LinkedIn linked to blogsite
  • E-zine (electronic newsletter) with articles from book
  • PR Newswire news releases on tips from book
  • Review copies sent to journalists and bloggers
  • Free speaking engagements (pro bono)
  • Fee speaking engagements (paid)
  • Small-scale seminars that author hosts
  • Teleseminars that author hosts or appears on
  • Conference based around the book
  • Book launch party
  • Flyer for book
  • Postcard for book
  • Business card for book
  • Articles excerpted from book chapters for publications
  • Internet column based on book
  • Print publication column based on your book
  • Sponsorships for personalized copies of books
  • Institutional buyers that will buy books in quantity
  • Bulk book buyers that will buy books in quantity

Please know this: the magic is in the mix. In California we say the universe rewards activity. Back in the Midwest, they say God helps those who help themselves. Use the book to shine a spotlight on your work. Start by asking clients about their pains. Gather information on how to solve those worries, frustrations, and concerns.

Be the expert who educates people through books, speeches, and publicity on how they compare to their peers and the best ways to overcome their obstacles. The more prospects you inform how to solve their problems in general, the more will hire you for the specifics. In the words of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar: “You can get whatever you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want.”

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