How Do I Sell My Book from the Platform When Speaking?

By Henry DeVries, CEO of Indie Books Intl.


Here is my advice for selling books from the platform: Don’t.

When you give your presentation, never ever sell your services from the platform. People hate that and will go out of their way for the rest of their lives to never do business with you if they perceive your breakout session to be a ninety-minute commercial.

Instead, give away all of your secrets and tell your audience that anytime they have a quick question that they can call you for no charge. (Be sure to put your phone number and website address at the bottom of every single page of your handouts). The ones that call you are the ones you want to talk to anyway, because they see you as the expert.

You cannot badger high-paying clients into buying. Maybe that works for selling $497 info products. We are after relationships that will bring us thousands of dollars.

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