Do Negative Book Titles Sell?

By Henry DeVries, CEO of Indie Books Intl.

“Pain over gain” is a motto of mine. If you are a consultant or coach who struggles with marketing, you are not alone. Many independent consultants and coaches are tired of the rejection, frustration, and mystery of marketing.

There is a better way to attract clients. The secret is to turn their pain into your gain. Start by asking clients about their pains. Then gather information on how to solve those worries, frustrations, and concerns. Many of the questions on this website are negative. There is a sound reason for that.

Let me ask you this (now be honest): Do you really understand the problems of your prospects and clients? Or do you just think you know? Make no doubt about it, the stakes are high. Wrong marketing messages will cost you potential clients and lead to more struggles and frustration.

In my workshops when I say “You make more money selling Vicodin than vitamins,” somebody always quips: “What about selling Viagra?”

Viagra solves a pain. Trust me.

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