Who Are You? What Do You Do? How Can You Help Me?

The way you communicate who you are and what you do will ultimately help you overcome the greatest single obstacle in the marketplace: having prospects understand what you do to help them. While you are faced with many obstacles, the inability to communicate effectively will result in a ripple effect of chaos and confusion you may never get a handle on.

If you want to build your business and your career by attracting more prospects, clients, and work engagements that align with your strengths and interests these tools will put you on the path. And it all starts with defining you. And to do this you’ll need to have these three tools at the ready:


1. Defining Statement—a single sentence that articulates what you do and for whom

2. Defining Paragraph—seven sentences that highlight your expertise and passions so that others can better connect with you and understand how you can help them or others in their network

3. Defining Story—an authentic and compelling short story about a client success or work experience that demonstrates the value you bring to the table

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