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Dr. Theresa Ashby, Co-Founder and COO

Dr. Theresa Ashby, is the Founder and COO of Kaleidoscope Media Services, LLC. She is the co-author of her second and upcoming book: Exposing the eLearning Mystery: Secrets To Digitizing Your Business.

Dr. Theresa is dedicated to helping authors, consultants and coaches scale their business by adding  e-learning courses, and digital academies to their service offerings. She takes her clients through a Systematic Method: Discovery, Planning, Development and Production all while reducing frustration and overwhelm of creating a digital course.

As a professional speaker and podcast host, she shares with audiences’ ways they can build a scalable model, leverage their intellectual capital and generate passive income. 

In fact, she was named a business scaling expert by Forbes.com and she was interviewed for the Arianna Huffington’s thrive global.

As a result of her work, clients reported having a bigger impact, more clients and more free time to focus on their business priorities and family.

On a personal note, she loves to travel the world and has traveled to 6 of the 7 continents—Australia is on her bucket list.

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