Persuade With a Story

“Persuade With a Story!  How Smart Business Leaders, Coaches and Key Advisors Use Storytelling Skills to Advance Their Company, Cause, or Career”

You are invited to be our guest at this special event.

Thursday July 24th
9 a.m. to noon

UC San Diego Extension, University City
6256 Greenwich Dr.
San Diego, CA 92122


Storytelling helps consultants, coaches and business leaders persuade on an emotional level. This program identifies the eight great meta stories smart leaders need to tell to persuade and motivate: monster, underdog, comedy, tragedy, mystery, quest, escape, and rebirth (the top 100 business best-sellers employ one of these eight stories because psychologists like Freud and Jung tell us that as humans we want and need to hear these stories). On a personal level, the program presenter, Henry DeVries, first learned the power of story in business when McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc gave him a copy of Grinding It Out when he went to work for him (“I was given a blank check by Coca-Cola to stage Ray Kroc’s 80th birthday party attended by 60,000 people”). Additionally, Henry has uncovered nine main reasons why business leaders have used storytelling:

  • Ray Kroc of McDonald’s (corporate culture)
  • Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook (personal cause)
  • Martha Stewart (brand identity)
  • Tony Hsieh of Zappos (employee morale)
  • Bill Gates of Microsoft (thought leadership)
  • Sam Walton (legacy)
  • Jack Welch of GE (personal branding)
  • Richard Branson of Virgin (positioning)
  • Lee Iacocca of Chrysler (national cause)

Audience members will participate by telling a story that is important to their company, cause or career using props and the eight great story formats.

Value to Attendees:  Nothing is as persuasive as storytelling with a purpose, and members will learn the techniques of telling a great story employed by Hollywood, Madison Avenue and Wall Street. In addition to humorous ways to remember the eight great meta stories, members will also discover how to include key characters into each story including the hero, sidekick, nemesis, and mentor (plot spoiler: business leaders should not be the hero of their own stories).

Biography: In the last seven years Henry DeVries has authored, ghostwritten, or edited 70 books for CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, including How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett, Closing America’s Job Gap, Self-Marketing Secrets, Client Seduction and Pain Killer Marketing. He is the CEO of Indie Books International. Formerly president of an Ad Age 500 advertising and marketing agency, he is a member of the continuing education faculty and administration at the University of California San Diego. In addition, he writes weekly columns for and San Diego’s 300,000-circulation metro daily newspaper, U-T San Diego.

There is no fee to attend this event. No cost, no selling, no kidding.

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Please let us know as soon as possible if you can make it. We have reserved a room with limited seating.